The Innovative Library Classroom: My Reactions

On Tuesday, I attended the inaugural Innovative Library Classroom conference held at Radford University. I came back with so many ideas and so much information that it made me eager to put some of what I learned to use in my own instruction sessions–as much as I can anyway.

The conference was great overall, but here are some parts that I especially enjoyed:

  • Small size–interacting with other attendees and sharing ideas and experiences was easier and I ran into quite a few librarians that I know, which is always wonderful!
  • Focused and interesting topics–I felt that nearly all of the topics were in some way applicable (or could be applied) to my role as a community college librarian. For example, design thinking may not seem to be related to librarianship, but from what I learned, its principles can certainly be utilized when coming up with new ideas and reconsidering old ones. I plan to read more about this–at some point! I have a long reading list, after all!
  • Lightning talks–The presenters were given between 5 and  7 minutes to discuss some of their projects and innovations in teaching. I especially loved the One Minute Video presentation given by Lucinda Rush and Rachel Lux.

I hope to be in attendance the next time the conference is held–maybe next year? We’ll see!