Future Skills Needed For Librarians Visualized in One Word Cloud

I went to the discussion hosted by the UMD iSchool Alumni Association about skills that current librarians (and those who want to be librarians) should be developing as they progress in their careers. Much of the talk was about skills and qualities that I had heard from other sources, but a statement made by one of the speakers did give me a sort of “a-ha!” moment. We all know that we should be thinking about the sort of skills that we need for our next position, but thinking two jobs ahead (or even more) definitely takes a lot of careful planning with a dose of having an idea of the type of librarian you want to be–not only in terms of skill, but character. Since you don’t know where you’ll end up,  it’s worth considering how you can improve yourself and use your strengths in order to face any challenges that may come in the future.

And now for the promised word cloud.

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