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Month: May, 2014

The Innovative Library Classroom: My Reactions

On Tuesday, I attended the inaugural Innovative Library Classroom conference held at Radford University. I came back with so many ideas and so much information that it made me eager to put some of what I learned to use in my own instruction sessions–as much as I can anyway.

The conference was great overall, but here are some parts that I especially enjoyed:

  • Small size–interacting with other attendees and sharing ideas and experiences was easier and I ran into quite a few librarians that I know, which is always wonderful!
  • Focused and interesting topics–I felt that nearly all of the topics were in some way applicable (or could be applied) to my role as a community college librarian. For example, design thinking may not seem to be related to librarianship, but from what I learned, its principles can certainly be utilized when coming up with new ideas and reconsidering old ones. I plan to read more about this–at some point! I have a long reading list, after all!
  • Lightning talks–The presenters were given between 5 and  7 minutes to discuss some of their projects and innovations in teaching. I especially loved the One Minute Video presentation given by Lucinda Rush and Rachel Lux.

I hope to be in attendance the next time the conference is held–maybe next year? We’ll see!



One of my goals this year is to create more work-related entries here on WordPress. Prior to WordPress, I kept a personal LiveJournal for several years (I remember when you still needed an invite code to join), but since Facebook, Twitter, and the other newer social media sites ate away a huge chunk of LJ’s readership–that, and the constant DoS attacks, ownership, and website changes–I don’t find myself blogging there as constantly as I used to. I’m mostly on Reddit these days anyway. Since this blog is for professional purposes, expect to see anything related to libraries here–within reason.

Some upcoming things for the summer:

  • Teaching myself Drupal.
  • Practicing my coding using CodeAcademy. I’ve been off and on with that, but since summer time means more time to focus on personal development, I’ll be able to devote more time to this.
  • Working out the kinks with the new printers
  • Rolling out the new iPads and other exciting gadgets we’re getting.

Combined with a wedding and some other exciting activities, this should be an interesting summer–I hope!